I made sure to schedule my day so that I could hear the much hyped Sen. Feingold interview on Earl Ingram’s radio program today. I’m pissed that I did because the Junior Senator from Wisconsin made history with what had to be the shortest interview ever recorded (less than 6 minutes).

Let me say something real quick to my Brother Earl – when you hype that you are going to interview someone please interview them yourself. Don’t have a co-host in with you. Hell, it’s your name on the show act like it brother damn. Back to business…

The Senator ended the interview suddenly after co-host Sheriff David Clarke asked a two-part question. Clarke’s question dealt with Congress adding ‘earmarks’ to the Iraqi War Funding requests and the lack of jobs created by the stimulus package. Instead of answering the damn question, he bailed out of the interview by saying he had to go.

In my opinion, Sen. Feingold showed the ultimate in disrespect to Earl Ingram and his listening audience (Black Folks, Black Voters, you Black Democrats). The beat goes on for these Liberal, White Men who take YOUR Black Vote for granted. They know YOU will NEVER consider voting against a Democrat. They know they OWN you mind, body and vote. They CONTROL YOU BLACK PEOPLE…

Brother Earl… you are respected by most as being a good man. Damn all that… you need to be a BEAST (more on this coming) on the radio and rip Feingold a new one. This White Man spit on Black Voters today and can care less about how we feel about it. In the past, you gave out the office numbers of Black Elected Officials for listeners to call encouraging them to voice their displeasure. How about doing likewise for Feingold. What is his record regarding Black People in Milwaukee? Why has he gotten YOUR vote Earl? Why will he keep getting YOUR vote Earl? This man won’t give you more than five minutes of his day… yet we should continue to blindly put his behind in a Senate seat? What does Sister Whitney say… Hell to the nah!!!

He needs to be held accountable for his actions today. He needs to talk about his record relating to Black People. The time has come for Black Milwaukee Voters to Blackout the vote of these weak pols. The time is NOW for someone to challenge these White Pols like some have been challenging our Black Pols.

That ish pissed me off today.